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About Us!


What makes us so different from any other aluminium and automatic door supplier....


Contract Services was started as a result of our founder, Billy Bonds, trying find better solutions to entrance door problems. Fed up and disappointed with the poor results from existing national door companies, Contract Services was started to fill the gap, for smaller business's and customers with a nationwide retail and commercial premises that were struggling to find suppliers to provide real value for money service and first class recommendations and solutions to problems.


So that's what we became, not a door company in the traditional sense, but more of a problem solver, a solution finder to help and assist wherever possible.


All we ever asked was for the opportunity to quote for any solid and good solutions that we provided.


We feel that today, 19 years on we offer the most personalised and caring service of all door companies.


We are the only commercial entrance door company that will actively show and teach you how to save money with your ongoing costs at your entrance doors, with a full on active video educational system already setup via an alternative dedicated training website, to show you how to reduce your costs the smart way, without being overcharged.


Each of our operatives treat our customers like we would like to be treated ourselves. Its simple, but everyone appreciates our service.


The term "client" is defined online in dictionary's as someone who is under the care, guidance and protection of another.


This is exactly how we treat our clients, but we do not just deal with anyone, we make sure that we are right for you, that you get exactly what you need first, then look deeper to investigate to see if we can then help you get what you need through our services and products, That's the difference you get with dealing direct with us at Contract Services. To find out if you would benefit from being a client of Contract Services or if you just want to get some initial help that is proving difficult to find, contact us at any time and we will do whatever we can to assist you.


To make sure that everyone gets what they need and avoids disappointment we needed a way to make sure that we don't miss, that you get the best advice possible, even if it means we advise you to use an alternative supplier.


So we created a simple guarantee fore all our customers and clients, a simple plan that is exactly what we all want when we buy anything from any supplier.


We therefore introduced our  "Make You Happy" Guarantee


where "No clients go unhappy"


This is exercised as and when we need to and each member of staff from management to technicians fall back on this customer guarantee if anyone of our team feel that we have let a customer down. For us its rule 101, make sure that the customer is happy, that they are satisfied, that they have what they needed or at the very least we provided the best advice and guidance we could, simple but effective.


That's what makes us stand out.




Bill Bonds, Founder













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Need help Now? - Call us :- 0843 523 1063

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Opening Hours

Emergency Callouts / urgent issues - 24hours 7 days a week

Admin, Sales & general enquiries - 08:30 Till 17:30 Monday to Friday