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Automatic Sliding Glass Doors


These are suitable for a wide range of office and commercial situations. They provide a much lighter, brighter situation for your entrance.


The video here, gives you a good general idea of what automatic sliding glass doors can achieve straight away.





















The automatic sliding glass doors door can be produced in a variety of ways.


The most common and simplest way is to have a single top rail which fits on the top edge of the glass and acts as a clamp. This then holds the glass in place and the glass literally hangs from above the opening.


There is then a channel or guide fixed to the floor, close to the inside of the wall or whatever the moving glass panels slides across and that channel keeps the moving glass panel or door in a straight line as it slides back and forth.


The other common way of have a glass sliding door is to use patch fittings. These are often shorter individual clamps and often fit through a hole in the glass. The holes are sandblasted right though the glass and so have smooth edges to the inside of the hole.


Rubber gaskets everywhere keep any metallic edges away from the glass surfaces.


locks can also also be added to all glass doors. These are often installed as a patch fitting, again clamping on the edges of the glass as well as locking right the way through the glass through a sand blasted hole.



Locks can also be fitted into lower full width horizontal rails for extra security.


So whilst all glass doors can look great, they often lack draft sealing issues that we come to expect with other types of door systems. There are added seals that can be fitted to the edges of the glass, but they do detract from the overall effect of having an all glass door.


To get a price for your entrance , please call us direct and if you can provide any detail , we may be able to give you some indication of costs prior to even coming out to see you, but to make sure you get exactly what you need, then its always best to arrange a site survey and confirm a date for a surveyor to come and visit you.


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