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Aluminium and Automatic Doors Savings tips , based on our service history from the last 17 years from attending very high traffic commercial entrance doors. As you might imagine, we keep extensive records and data for all our customers on their aluminium entrance doors and equipment that we have supplied and fitted. That's a major part of any service based business, but that data can be used to help you, the customer to reduce your on going costs and cut out the things that may have caused the problems or faults with your entrance doors. Then you can cut down on the number of times you call out an automatic door technician. So, in no particular order, the following information is actual problems and faults with aluminium entrance doors and automatic doors and often regular issues that could be avoided.


One of the most expensive mistakes made to your automatic doors is by your decorators.

Talk to your painters & decorators about how they paint your aluminium doors!


Interesting Door costs data - How to cut out some unwanted expense!


Over the last 12 months 13 restaurants made emergency callouts because their doors were stuck open. Didn't matter what they did, the doors would not close!


On each one of these site visits by our engineers, the Automatic door safety sensors in the door frames were found to have been over-painted!


These sensors look like this picture on the right here








There are outside the entrance of the sliding doors, low down mounted within the door frame and when they are not painted over, they look like the images seen here above


These are an infrared transmitters and a receiver on the opposite side of the door frame and act as an invisible safety beam or barrier across the entrance. If you paint over these, the door will stay open forever!


Avoid the problem, by making sure you tell your decorators before they start the painting of your door frames!



Automatic door safety sensors as infrared beams across the doorway
Automatic door safety sensors

Aluminium Doors Money Saving Tip No2


Make sure you lock keep holes are clean & clear!

Every Year we attend aluminium doors to unjam them, free them up or help to make sure they lock properly yet these simple devices are the cause of many security and access problems with aluminium and automatic doors These devices can come lose, then they can fall down inside the door or door frame. That will of course stop the door from being unlocked or secured properly. But the biggest cause of problems with these locks is breakage. These locks get broken and snapped when the staff exert excessive force when trying to lock them into place. That in turn is as a result of the hole that these bolts lock into ( called the keep hole ) is usually full of dirt & debris! So - keep you hole clean and your aluminium door will be fine for much longer!
Aluminium door shoot bolts for securing aluminum and automatic doors

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