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Automatic aluminium sliding doors For Sale


We Manufacture automatic doors to suit your requirements & sizes - We can fit for you or  you take away and install yourself -

ideal for trade partners and installers

A narrow doorway adapted to accept a single slding fully automatic door system
Aluminium swing doors replaced with fully automatic sliding doors for high street use.
sliidng automatic doors that work very fast and best suited for doors on the high street.
  1. All Aluminium Door  and entrance systems manufactured by us come with a 2 year warranty as standard
  2. Extended warranty periods are available For Our Aluminium Sliding Doors
  3. We offer a full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied On Automatic Doors We Manufacture
  4. We Also Offer A Part Exchange Of Your Old Automatic Sliding Doors For Our New Auto Sliding Doors -
  5. Well give you a buy back value on your old Automatic Sliding Doors





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Discover the facts about Automatic aluminium sliding doors showing a general operation and the most  common set up for high traffic, very busy retail premises with full safety systems and highly reliable. These types of doors often have a life span of ten years or more and should be regularly serviced by your automatic sliding door service provider.


A simplified, easy to understand introduction to sliding automatic Doors

Our sliding door systems are all electromechanical and not hydraulic, consequently we are proud to be able to say that they are amongst the quietest and smoothest operators currently available.

All our aluminium door systems are of tie rod construction and not welded, this means that adjustments and repairs are more readily executed in the event of vandalism or damage.


If you have never experienced a sliding or Bi parting door system then watch this simple , brief video introduction about automatic sliding doors for a typical high street entrance below
























Contract Services offer a 24hr response time on call outs 24 hrs a day.


After every installation, we offer and like to insist on training as many of the end users as is possible, even if it means a return visit to offer a group training session. We have found through experience that we are able to make the use of automatic doors much more trouble free for the end users (the people that would change modes of operation, staff, managers etc).


This is a very informal site meeting and will provide a good degree of confidence for staff on site. Staff will be shown how to change various settings and what to do in the event of mains power failures, fire alarm activations or vandalism / damage. Naturally, any questions and concerns can be addressed at this stage.


Automatic doors & connection to Fire Alarms


We always recommend that you connect automatic sliding doors to fire alarms where applicable in order to comply with fire regulations and to ensure a less troublesome emergency egress from the building occurs. Upon activation of the fire alarm the doors will fly open and stay open until the fire alarm is reset.


Regulations for Scotland are slightly different and a break out system is often required to comply to fire regulations in Scotland. please check with your local fire officer if you are unsure.


we can leave a connection point locally for your fire alarm company to connect into and that can be connected at any point in future, but we do recommend that you have your automatic sliding door connected to the fire alarm as soon as possible.


Automatic Sliding doors & Mains power Failures


A built in battery pack will make the doors fly open in the event of a mains failure and will stay open until mains is restored. The user still has the facility to manually open & close the doors if required.

We can also provide you with the option of having full battery backup operation during mains off situations.


because the battery system is monitored, the doors will continue to operate right up until there is not enough power left to safely operate. At that point, the doors will open one last time and then stay open until mains power is restored.


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Automatic Sliding door warranties


Our latest sliding operator range comes as standard with a 2 year warranty on the electronic processor, motor and battery backup system, and we offer to extend this warranty period for a further 6 months if you have the equipment serviced at the end of the initial 1 year period.


Safety Compliance of automatic sliding  doors


All our automatic door systems comply to BS7036  ( safety at powered doors for pedestrian use ) and now also comply to the new European safety standard BS EN 16005:2012. Whilst this is only a guide it is a good safety standard to work from, all our automatic door operators are CE rated and marked accordingly.


There are a few additions and differences, but the prime difference is that devices like safety and activation sensors are monitored by the main control circuit board. Unfortunately not all sensors can be monitored, such as photocells and then wireless activation devices are not monitored either.


Many door companies are not complying with these new standards yet as they are using up old stocks of sensors that have been mass purchased. The new safety standards allow for the use of old stocks.



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automatic aluminium doors that have a 100% clean health & safety record
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Emergency Callouts / urgent issues - 24hours 7 days a week

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