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Automatic and Power assisted swing doors

Automatic swing door operator fitted to single aluminium door
Automatic swing door operators with safety sensors fitted to aluminium swing doors

Most swing doors can be automated with automatic swing operators.


There are so many devices that do this on the market now, so how do you know which one is right?


When you start to look closely at the differences between various models , then these differences are becoming smaller and smaller.


So what do you need to consider when you need to think about this type of automatic door system?


A lot of the models you see on the market now are programmable, so they can cope with a wide range of settings and requirements for reach automatic door situation, but after that, the next issue is-can each model cope with the size and weight of the door that its connected to.


Then we need to consider how does the automatic swing door operator cope with general day to day use. We see a lot of entrance doors that receive a great deal of aggression directed at the doors and this can be as simple as the end users kicking the door open and pushing the door open very hard so it slams open against a wall or door stop.


So when you look deeply at these types of issues you will find that things start to get a little muddy in terms of which model is best suited to cope with these types of environments.


Each type of site has its own issues, its own complications and problems to deal with so experience counts a great deal and if your door supplier has some knowledge and better yet, actual experience with a site that's a close to yours as possible, then that will usually help them to provide a better suited product.


There are other units than will deal with anything you throw at them, but they look like a sherman tank bolted on to your door frame and make the door very heavy and difficult to manually operate.


So finding a well specified door operator is tricky. We have tried 7 different types over the last 10 years and we now find that there is a very good all round model that is programmable, hard wearing and can actually cope with heavy handed use and even a little aggression directed at the doors. But you don’t want to hear excessive hype, it just raises suspicions if we hear that a product is better than ever and all singing , all dancing.


This "aggression" problem is often a big issue as no manufacturer of automatic door equipment will confirm that their equipment is designed to work under those sort of conditions.


The problem we have is that the our clients often say to us that this is normal in their eyes. Our end users of the doorway and entrance systems often kick, shove and get generally heavy handed with the doors. So why shouldn’t that be classed as normal use?


In this video we will be showing you the DFA127 swing door operator, and explaining why we think its the best all round swing door operator on the market. We'll give you a brief explanation of some of the benefits of using this operator and reasons as to why its our favourite! There will always be times when you will want the very specific needs of a particular type of automatic swing door operator, but most of the time, the unit shown below is more than capable and is actually very robust.
























Here are the advantages of the DFA 127 Swing Drive


1)    One operator does all functions: Left / Right / Push / Pull / Fully Auto and Low Energy


2)    CAN BUS communication means that the Program selector gives a full diagnostic readout in a user friendly view to the customer; this allows an 80% opportunity to diagnose over the phone with any problems, and so the customer does not have the doors out of action any longer than is absolutely necessary.


3)    The BDE-D (BDE= Program Selector and “D” = Digital Display) allows all programming of the unit with out any other devices to plug in; Hence if a Fire Alarm engineer required to interface this can be done over the phone with out the delay or costs of an additional call out.


4)    The DFA uses a direct mechanical drive from the motor to the door and is therefore free from any oil leaks with extremely quiet operation; ideal for libraries people’s homes and other quiet locations.(-18dB)


5)    The unit is fire rated to 35min


6)    It is tested to 500,000 operations which is a full open and close cycle.



Operational examples


so if you’ve never seen an automatic swing door in operation, then have a look at the following short video clip - its shows an automatic swing door operator being triggered open, then a pedestrian stands in the path of the door as where it would normally close, so a simple demonstration of an on door safety sensor to help avoid collisions





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