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Automatic Telescopic sliding doors

When space is at a premium the telescoping door system provides an ideal alternative to standard Bi parting doors.


A telescopic door gives nearly 60% of the total structural opening width as a clear walk through space compared to about 45% for a standard Bi Parting door.


When used in conjunction with the new Ultraslim profile as seen to the right the overall effect is stunning and yet still retains an excellent weather seal and security is not compromised. Other options are to have frameless all glass doors with no frames and special panels ,glass and logos can all be included.


























The automatic telescopic doors are suitable for high traffic sites, schools , offices and hospitals to name but a few locations, telescopic doors are very versatile.


Safety is always a concern with any type of door system and the use of intelligent safety sensors takes away the worry of unwanted collisions.


Side screen safety sensors detect the presence of obstructions and slow the opening speed down to a creep, avoiding collisions with pedestrians to the side of the moving door panels.


Infrared Beam project across the opening and hold door leaves open until the obstruction disappears.  User operation is simple and this system provide a great deal of options in terms of day to day settings. The standard profile as seen here used at a garden centre.

























Manual mode disengages all drive and the user can easily open and shut the telescopic doors by hand for cleaning. A summer and winter setting for normal auto operation allows the user to reduce the fully open gap in times of bad weather and open it up as wide as possible for summer time.


The doors can be held permanently open for goods deliveries and exit only is a great benefit when premises are locking up for the night- it lets people out but new arrivals cant get in.


These automatic telescopic door systems fully comply to building & fire regulations, interface with fire alarms and a threshold track is not necessary.


The ultra slim profile gives a more pleasing appearance over the standard aluminium section.



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