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Drive through windows & Replacement Running Gear & carriage system for drive through windows

  • Are your drive through windows difficult to use?
  • Are your drive through windows stiff and awkward to operate?
  • Does only one drive through window open when you push them apart?
  • Are your Drive through window locks sloppy & lose? Do they even secure the windows together?
  • What are the chances or your Drive through windows passing an inspection?
  • Can you really afford to operate with low , poor or no security on your drive through windows?
  • Have you gaps in the joints? Are your windows wobbly & unstable?
  • Have you had to fit additional locks on the front of the windows for security?


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The Problem:


The existing drive through window running gear and carriage system was not purpose made. Mostly made from ferrous metals with steel wheels running on a steel track eventually was going to end with the running gear system coming to a grinding halt.


As soon as the track wears itself away, the windows drop, they rub on the window sill and before you know it staff are having to push and pull harder and then the real damage occurs!


The old style running running has very little , if any adjustments and is hardly serviceable.


A new running track system is required that solves most of your problems and can be serviced forever to keep your windows smooth running and secure.

Problems with McDonalds drive thru windows

The New

The new, purpose made sliding door gear. Specially designed and manufactured to suit sliding door systems

The Old

The existing sliding door gear. cobbled together from low cost ferrous metals with high friction connection points. These drive through window systems were never designed to last for long, but did anyone actually consider how much inconvenience would be caused by poor performing & faulty window systems?

This drive thru window video shows the details on why the existing carriage & track system has failed and then what we can do to make massive improvements.
Call for a survey today, don’t leave it too late! In 2014 we saw more break ins than ever before through drive thru windows and a weak or poorly secured running track and carriage system just makes it easy for unwanted visitors to get in to your restaurant!
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What Next? -

An Easy 3 Steps to New Drive thru windows


Step 1:

Book a survey



 A surveyor will come out to confirm the state of your windows


We will send you a report, giving you options for repairs if possible & replacements where needed


Step 3:

Finally confirm your options for your new windows, then we will manufacture your new drive thru windows and then confirm a date for installation and replacements.


And did I mention that we guarantee all our Drive thru windows are guaranteed for a full 12 months

our guarantee covers all parts and labour.



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Opening Hours

Emergency Callouts / urgent issues - 24hours 7 days a week

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