The safest, tougest automatic and manual aluminium doors for commercial premises
Automatic single sliding aluminium doors and automatic sliding doors commercial

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Aluminium Doors , Automatic Doors, Drive Through window systems

purpose made bespoke aluminium doors made to suit your opening size
automatic power assisted aluminium swing doors
Drive through windows purpose made for McDonalds restaurants

We Manufacture High Traffic , Hard Wearing , long life Aluminium Doors.


High volumes of Customers can & will easily &

Safely Enter & Exit Your building


Entrance systems Designed, Manufactured & supplied by us, will last longer than most other door systems.


  • We design, manufacture and install aluminium entrance systems.
  • Manual Aluminium doors
  • Automatic doors.
  • Entire shop fronts
  • Building fa├žades
  • Glazed walls
  • All Glass doors
  • We also manufacture drive through window systems
  • We manufacture & install steel door systems
  • We also manufacture and repair stainless steel architectural products.


We Specialise in making entrance doors & drive thru windows for very high traffic, fast moving customer entrances and have had a great deal of success with fast food restaurants that need highly reliable, low running cost, very hygienic doors & windows!


Backed by the best Guarantee in the whole automatic door industry -

A Full Money back guarantee if not satisfied

This is our "Make You Happy" Guarantee - ask us for details - NO ONE else will do this



How Does this benefit you & your buildings Entrance?


Because we manufacture, we provide a longer guarantee's than most door companies.

This will reduce your long term service & maintenance costs, our doors are always lower cost to maintain, less troublesome, and provide much better value for money!


But, if you want low cost doors, then we can make you doors just like everyone else does, but at a lower price! - that's going to be dependant on sizes and quantities of course.


We can solve long term & recurring problems with door and entrance setup and equipment.

This will remove difficult to use entrance doors, make it easier for staff & customer to get through your entrance & Improve security on your building.

Improve air control - essential for air conditioned buildings

Gives you piece of mind.


Take away regular hassles and complaints about entrances, Drive thru windows  & doorways

Remove the risk of collisions and hazards at your entrance.



What door information are you looking for?

Drive thru windows

Changes to drive thru windows

Automatic telescopic doors

Youth anti personnel system

All glass automatic sliding doors

Manual aluminium swing doors

Automatic aluminium swing doors





automatic single sliding aluminium doors for sale for commercial entrances
Curved and circular automatic sliding doors
Fully automatic aluminium sliding doors costs are much better here as we offer better than trade prices

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New & Improved drive through windows for coffee shops
Aluminium drive through windows
Aluminium doors and drive thru windows for McDonalds

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Opening Hours

Emergency Callouts / urgent issues - 24hours 7 days a week

Admin, Sales & general enquiries - 08:30 Till 17:30 Monday to Friday