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We fabricate and build long lasting, tough and durable Commercial aluminium doors

We get asked more than often to produce commercial aluminium swing doors, so this is where we have  a great deal of knowledge and experience and we can share that with you here for your benefit.


Commercial doors vary quite a bit from the type of door you might expect to see on your home or for residential use.
























The construction method is very strong, there are no mitred joints and we offer a standard 2 year warranty on all our doors. Longer warranties are available. We have tried and tested a welded joint on the cross sections of our doors. This is based on what we have seen from other fabricators and we have found that while the weld can be strong bond, that it creates a door that is not so flexible and the weld joints fail when the doors come under attack or suffer from aggression.


So our construction method is to use the manufactures specified system which involves 4 tapered stainless steel lock pins at every joint. A specialist expanding bonding agent applied to every joint and then if necessary an M6 Tie rod, internally fitted inside the door to add one last additional aspect of strength to the construction.


We use a common anti finger trap guard section at the rear edge of our doors. This gives excellent protection against trapped hands and fingers at the rear edge of the door leaf.


The type of door frame we use then also allows us to have a full draft seal around all sides of the door leaf where it meets the door frame or its adjacent door in the case of a pair of doors.


Manual aluminium doors can set up to have quite a tight fitting in the opening they are fitted into. This can be helpful with draft sealing, but it can also be a pain as if the doors are setup too tight, it can often stop the door from pulling in completely at the closed position and then you get left with a gap.


So the size of the door leaf in the opening is very important, too tight and getting the door to pull in completely closed is a problem, too small in the opening and you get left with gaps around the door.


The construction method of the door leaf makes a difference as well. The manufacturers of the aluminium section we use offer several different construction methods and we employ them all which makes for a string and durable door.


You can see the general overall plan view of the door sections on the right
This is a common pattern, this is referred to as pattern 10
This type of pattern is not the strongest however.
If you want super strong and long lasting, then you need to consider adding
a mid rail across the centre of the door. This can be set below half way
up the door for a more pleasing overall aspect.
But the addition of a mid rail adds a great deal of structural strength
to the door leaf and is highly recommended for long lifespan and durability.










Commercial manual aluminium swing door graphic
aluminium swing door plan view of commercial doors
On the left -  a plan view, looking down from above of this type of door section and its makeup.
The handles shown are a very basic paddle handle, but aluminium doors can accept a wide range of door handles to suit your preferences.



































On the right......
The cross section view showing the layout and construction of a typical pattern 10 aluminium door.
The glazing is changed from single glazing to double glazing by simply changing the securing glazing beads that are used, along with a different glazing gasket.
The setup that we use for manual swing doors, is very similar to the setup for a power assisted or automatic swing door. There are very important and critical differences however and this is an area where many door companies fall down on.


You can read more about automatic aluminium swing doors here




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