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Youth Anti Personnel System





The Problem:

Youths/people sitting on planting/seating area outside high-street restaurants.


  • This creates excessive litter left behind.
  • Damage to entrance doors is common as a result of people obstructing door movements.
  • Unwanted activation of automatic doors caused by people loitering to close to entrance.
  • Intimidating and not welcoming for genuine / regular restaurant users.






















A brief overview of what these are and how they work





This is difficult as people hanging around outside your restaurant may actually be a positive thing and may encourage more people to come in , which of course is hopefully desirable, but these devices are designed to deter people from sitting on the ledges or flat areas immediately outside your doors.


Our service histories show that when people do that then the incidents of damage and problems at your entrance actually increase.


The negative side to this of course is that gatherings of youths can also be intimidating to some folks and that may actually deter people away from coming in to your restaurant.


This gathering of people sitting on these ledges outside should not be likened to tables and chairs placed outside AL-fresco style, its not the same. and if you see this type of behaviour then to be honest it doesn't look welcoming, it is slightly intimidating and the closer the seating area or ledges are to the entrance doors then the more intimidating this can be.


The Solution:


 We call them Y.A.P.S - Youth Anti personnel System


These devices deter people from sitting on these areas outside the restaurant with a virtually indestructible steel frame construction. No sharp edges, laser cut metal work and TIG welded for very fine , nicely finished welds and then polyester powder coated for long life and durability.





The Result:

Reduced litter

No damage to doors

The entrance will be more welcoming.






These are made to order and sized specifically to suit your ledge or seating area, we can ship these units to almost any location or of course we can install these for you.


Finishes & colours


The standard Polyester powder coating RAL Colour range is available and special colours can be accommodated if required. We can also manufacture and fabricate different designs to match an existing architectural feature if required.





Below - An example of a common schematic layout

Anti personnel device to keep youths away
Keeps youths away from ledges and seating areas

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