Changing old swing doors to new sliding doors

automatic door

We are often asked if it’s possible to change the older style swing doors to the new auto sliding entrance type. Most of the time it is possible, even when you may not think it can be done.

So why bother to change swing doors to sliding doors?

We know that sliding doors are great for very high pedestrian traffic sites, they allow easy entry and exit, they are especially good for customers carrying your products out, delivery issues can be made easier as well.

As business operators we want to have more customers and to make it easy for customers to come in, but we also want very low running costs. We don’t want to be spending money on fixing and maintaining doors.

Anytime we can stop or remove the customer from touching or handling the entrance doors, then we see a big reduction in running costs. Door trouble, aggravation and damage issues nearly always disappear as well, which adds to the running cost reduction.

What about space? I haven’t got room!

One of the ways we can achieve a sliding door for you is to add a small, internal side frame, or stub screen. This allows a sliding door a little extra space, to slide off to one side or the other.

And when we have a sliding door, they need to be super safe, so we prefer to encapsulate them in a safety screen, which is where the additional stub screen comes into play.

This then allows the sliding door to move back and forth but stops anyone from coming into contact with the door as it opens, obviously important with young children around.

The extra side screen, then provides a place to hinge a safety door from. The safety door then covers the inside of the moving door, again, keeping young humans and small hands away from the moving door.

So, you CAN have a sliding door, it IS often possible, they look good and are very functional.

Additional benefits you might not know about.

So, we know that sliding doors are

  • The cheapest to run
  • Easiest to use
  • Offer control
  • Provide the best customer experience

But they also add extra very useful operational benefits to your business. They can help greatly when you are trying to close up at night. Select the exit only mode and these doors will let people out as they approach from inside to leave but in this mode, the door system will not let people into your building. This can greatly help staff to finish up with last customers, while restricting new customers from coming in.

Our sliding door systems also come with a smart, narrow, frame mounted digital keypad. These are great if you have a whole bunch of staff that you want to be able to allow in, before the customers start arriving in the mornings. They simply have either one common code they all use, or they can have their own code. Of course, you can change these codes at any time which is handy if staff leave you. The auto sliding door system can then be connected to your fire alarm system. This gives a great peace of mind and of course provides easy, instant evacuation access in the event of a real fire. The last thing you want is a hoard of humans stuck up against the doors with thick black smoke at their rear as they try to push out of the building. Our sliding doors can be programmed to simply slide open in the event of a fire alarm activation. Simple and effective and of course very safe.

Just like your modern car, automatic sliding doors need to be maintained, serviced regularly and of course we advise some basic weekly customer checks. After all, you would check your oil and water in your car if you were taking the family on a long drive in your car. Auto doors, like cars have moving parts controlled by computers. So we advise very basic, visual, weekly checks just to make sure that your door system is safe, works well and any potential issues can be questioned and if need be dealt with before they turn into something awkward.

But don’t worry, our door systems will tell you in words, on the LCD display screen if there is a problem, or if the door system is due for a routine service, again, just like your modern car.

So if you would really like to have a sliding door, instead of your swing doors, then call or email to book a survey and we can give you a quote, show you how to do it and we can provide a brief drawing for you to show you how much space or room you may need.

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Avoiding getting your back door smashed in

Ever had bad damage to your back door, back yard door or coral doors?

If you have any sort of delivery cages or pallets coming through your back door then the chances are that you have suffered damage to the door, the frame, the panic bar or surrounding walls.

Over the last 20 years we have seen lots of this type of damage, so we thought we’d come up with a simple solution.

We call them bumper bars and they practically stop all damage to doors and frames from heavy delivery cages/ trolleys.

Bumper Bars
Bumper Bars

Some of the back doors from your premises are very big, often heavy doors and sometimes they get impacted, sometimes staff are a little lazy and use the delivery trolleys or cages to push the door open (know anyone that does that?).

They don’t have to look pretty, but they are super functional and are exactly what you need to stop future damage. They are custom made, steel bumper bars but with chamfered ends.

Older style bumper bars are square, with flat ends. These square bumper bars do offer some protection, but delivery cages and trolleys can still hit these end-on and the impact is transferred to the door, the hinges or the frame.

The chamfered ends are the key to solving the problems of damage from delivery cages and trolleys. The fact that the ends are chamfered mean the delivery cages can bounce off and the full impact force is not transferred onto the door, the frame or the locking system.

This then greatly reduces your operational running costs by cutting out the repeat purchase of new panic bars or door lock handles due to damage and means that the door keeps working and stays secure.

We make chamfered bumper bars for doors, door frames and walls that need protecting.

If you feel these would be beneficial, then book a low-cost survey now.

Surveys are £25 but this fee is refunded/ reduced from the final cost of any orders you place.

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What are the benefits of installing automatic doors?

Busy entrance doors

Automatic doors not only offer convenience but also additional benefits such as:

  • Accessibility
  • Improved security
  • Hygiene control
  • Space saving
  • Energy saving
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Improved image

They are used in many places with traffic such as hospitals, airports, shopping centres, office buildings, hotels and generally commercial and public buildings. They provide excellent customer service for those using them. Automatic doors can either be swing, sliding or revolving.


Automatic doors offer convenience to everyone using them, including those with baggage in both hands, those with pushchairs or wheelchairs or most simply in this modern age, those with a mobile phone in one hand and a coffee in the other. An automatic door allows visitors to pass through the door with ease without worrying about a heavy door to open, meaning your customers will feel welcomed from the moment they step foot in your premise. It is important to provide access for everyone regardless of physical capabilities.

Improved security 

Automatic doors can assist in the management of security. Security will have the ability to control the doors remotely, meaning they can grant access to selective traffic or deactivate the door altogether to prevent people from entering. Alternatively, the doors can be set to hold open which is ideal for an emergency situation when the building needs to be evacuated in a timely manner.

Hygiene Control

Being hands-free, automatic doors offer a great solution to facilities where sanitation is essential such as hospitals and food factories. An automatic door with an air-tight function can also prevent the entry of dirt and dust by increasing air pressure in the room. This is a great solution for operating rooms and other controlled environments such as labs.

Space Saving

Automatic doors are ideal for buildings where space may be tight in the lobby, using a sliding door or telescopic door, you remove the floor space that would be required for a swing door.

Energy Saving

The doors will only open when necessary and will close behind the user, thus ensuring the doors are primarily closed. This is essential to maintain the temperature of the building and for energy savings.

The opening and closing speed of the door also makes a difference. The automatic door must be opened whenever necessary to allow access to the services, the less time it is open, the less energy is lost. Buildings with doors that get left open spend more on heating or air conditioning. In contrast, low power systems such as revolving doors regulate the passage in and out of people and serve as a natural barrier to maintain the desired temperature. The outside air will never directly come into contact with the inside.

Easy to use and maintain

All our automatic doors are manufactured according to high standards of quality and safety and are easy to maintain and use. Once installed, their daily management requires little involvement and problems rarely arise.

Improved image

First impressions are important, and the first thing visitors will see are your entrance doors. When there are manual doors, the first impression is negative due to poor accessibility. With an automatic door, when users approach the building, they have a better perception due to their elegance, convenience, security and ease of use providing a better brand appearance.

To get a quote for new automatic doors or to fix any issues you may have with your existing doors, get in touch today on or call 0843 523 1063.

The hidden reason your doors do not shut properly

door stuck open
door stuck open

Do your entrance doors shut properly? Have you already had someone out to fix the problem only for it to return?

A common issue with entrance doors is that they do not shut properly with one door staying open or they can be very heavy to push or pull open followed by the door slamming shut behind you. Have you had door engineers out to fix the problem only to find the problems persist? Did they consider the problem could be due to stack pressure?

Stack pressure is a differing in pressure between the inside and outside of a building and can be used to naturally ventilate buildings. Cooler air from outside is drawn into the building at a low level, it is then naturally warmed up by sources of heat such as people, machinery and heating, then rises to the top of the building where it is vented out. This can also be reversed in the cooler months.

This is a regular issue during summer seasons where air con use is high and also during stormy weather conditions where the air pressure is affected.

What are the issues with stack pressure? 

Although stack pressure is a good way to naturally add more heat to a building, it can also cause some issues. Stack pressure can create the following issues:

  • Increases the buildings heating and cooling energy consumptions
  • Creates noises and drafts through gaps in the doors and windows
  • Can make manual doors very heavy to operate
  • Air pressure will prevent the doors from shutting properly creating a security issue

If you have a manual swing door, the door will feel very heavy and may be shutting too fast which causes a safety issue with people getting caught in the opening. If you have an automatic swing door, you may find that one door will not close properly which causes problems in its own right.

Most automatic door companies will not be able to fix these issues. Most door technicians will simply look at the door equipment as being the issue. They will simply upgrade the equipment to a heavier duty, more expensive operator which will temporarily solve the problem however it will create new issues.

To solve these problems, the door technician will recommend a more powerful, heavy duty operator. Whilst this operator works perfectly well in periods of high air con use, during the periods where the air con is not as intense the door will become unsafe as it will have a high force behind it. Without the increased air pressure force it would usually experience, it can mean people get caught or trapped in the opening. Once the operator has started to wear it will lose power and the therefore the ability to shut the door and the same problem will occur.

How can Next Doors Ltd solve these problems?

We are different in that we are a complete solution provider, if during the site survey we can see you have a high stack pressure issue we will use our experience to provide a complete solution to the issue rather than simply patching it up. This can be done in a manner of ways such as reducing air con temperature, adding vents to doors and throughout the building. Depending on the situation a new operator may be required although it’s not always the solution to the problem. If a new operator is required, we would install a low energy operator ensuring you have no future issues with safety.