Hygiene benefits to serving hatches and windows

serving window
serving window

In light of the 2020 outbreak of Coronavirus, it's so important now more than ever to ensure your building is as hygienic as possible.

A great way to aid this is to use automatic doors as you know but have you considered using serving windows or hatches as a way to serve customers without the need for them to enter your premises?

Not only are they great for controlling hygiene they are also a time saver and can speed up your service.

Serving hatches are quite often used in Drive Thru’s but can equally be used for pedestrians. They can be manual or automatic and are custom made so they can be designed to fit no matter how much space you have.

We can manufacture and install or simply supply only meaning not only can we service the UK but we can also export worldwide.

If you’re interested in serving windows or hatches then get in touch and speak to our sales team on  08435231063 or email servicedesk@next-doors.com or use the buttons below.