Air Curtains

Next Doors Ltd offers a wide range of low profile indoor Air Curtains for commercial and industrial applications that provide an invisible curtain of air to safeguard clear access in and out of the building whilst separating the internal from the external environment and preventing warm (or cooled) air escaping.

Our Air curtains system works by separating two different temperature zones with an invisible curtain of air. They provide a fast moving air stream to block air movement through the door whilst allowing the door to remain open.

By retaining the cooled air within a cold storage room, an air curtain dramatically reduces waste energy and gives unhindered access from area to area. With no doors or curtains to reduce visibility, user safety is improved for those moving around the building.

air curtain

In-frame Air Curtains

In-frame Air Curtains are built into the frame of the door and provide a sleek finish. Curves and sleek lines make this system easy to integrate into any architectural environment.

traditional air curtain

Ceiling mounted Air Curtains

Ceiling mounted Air Curtains are the original type of air curtains and can be ceiling or side mounted, however these tend to be larger units and do not look as attractive.

In-Frame Air Curtains

A new concept in automatic doors with integrated air barrier.

The new AirSlide system features the exclusive self-supporting crossbar with integrated automation and air barrier. This Air Curtain system combines an automatic opening and the air barrier system into a single unit with obvious aesthetic and functional advantages. Curves and sleek lines make this system easy to integrate into any architectural environment. 

An air barrier to protect the entrance-way without dispersion: protection from the cold in winter and the heat in summer. This solution, intended for automatic entrances, allows the ambient air to be kept inside the building, helping to reduce energy consumption.

Efficient protection because it limits the entry of smog, dust, dirt and insects from the outside environment, whilst the doors are open.

Key features

  • Automatic door with INTEGRATED AIR BARRIER
  • Maintains warm air in winter and cool air in summer
  •  Rejects the winter cold, summer heat, dust, smoke, noxious odours and insects
  • Over 50% more efficiency and comfort compared to a traditional barrier
  • Reduces heat dispersion by at least 52% depending on what type you have
  • Slashes draughts of air by at least 45%  depending on what type you have
  • Efficient protection because it limits the entry of wind, dust and dirt, just before opening the doors. Reduces entry of dust by at least 55%  depending on what type you have
  • Suitable for public places: shops, supermarkets, offices, banks, hospitals, nursing homes and retirement homes, warehouses and places with controlled temperature such as waiting rooms, airports and railway stations
  • One supplier for the installation and maintenance of the system
  • Patented product
Air Curtain
Air curtain

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