Ever had bad damage to your back door, back yard door or coral doors?

If you have any sort of delivery cages or pallets coming through your back door then the chances are that you have suffered damage to the door, the frame, the panic bar or surrounding walls.

Over the last 20 years we have seen lots of this type of damage, so we thought we’d come up with a simple solution.

We call them bumper bars and they practically stop all damage to doors and frames from heavy delivery cages/ trolleys.

Fire Escape Door

Some of the back doors from your premises are very big, often heavy doors and sometimes they get impacted, sometimes staff are a little lazy and use the delivery trolleys or cages to push the door open (know anyone that does that?).

They don’t have to look pretty, but they are super functional and are exactly what you need to stop future damage. They are custom made, steel bumper bars but with chamfered ends.

Older style bumper bars are square, with flat ends. These square bumper bars do offer some protection, but delivery cages and trolleys can still hit these end-on and the impact is transferred to the door, the hinges or the frame.

The chamfered ends are the key to solving the problems of damage from delivery cages and trolleys. The fact that the ends are chamfered mean the delivery cages can bounce off and the full impact force is not transferred onto the door, the frame or the locking system.

This then greatly reduces your operational running costs by cutting out the repeat purchase of new panic bars or door lock handles due to damage and means that the door keeps working and stays secure.

We make chamfered bumper bars for doors, door frames and walls that need protecting.

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