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Hygiene benefits to serving hatches and windows

In light of the 2020 outbreak of Coronavirus, it’s so important now more than ever to ensure your building is as hygienic as possible. A great way to aid this is to use automatic doors as you know but have you considered using serving windows or hatches as a way to serve customers without the need

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Changing old swing doors to new sliding doors

We are often asked if it’s possible to change the older style swing doors to the new auto sliding entrance type. Most of the time it is possible, even when you may not think it can be done. So why bother to change swing doors to sliding doors? We know that sliding doors are great for very

Avoiding getting your back door smashed in

Ever had bad damage to your back door, back yard door or coral doors? If you have any sort of delivery cages or pallets coming through your back door then the chances are that you have suffered damage to the door, the frame, the panic bar or surrounding walls. Over the last 20 years we have seen

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What are the benefits of installing automatic doors?

Automatic doors not only offer convenience but also additional benefits such as:AccessibilityImproved securityHygiene controlSpace savingEnergy savingEasy to use and maintainImproved imageThey are used in many places with traffic such as hospitals, airports, shopping centres, office buildings, hotels and generally commercial and public buildings. They provide excellent customer service for those using them. Automatic doors can

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The hidden reason your doors do not shut properly

Do your entrance doors shut properly? Have you already had someone out to fix the problem only for it to return?  A common issue with entrance doors is that they do not shut properly with one door staying open or they can be very heavy to push or pull open followed by the door slamming