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Check out some examples of our work below, ranging from doors to windows and all other services that we offer.

Fire Door Installation

A brand new Fire Door installation which are BM Trada Q Mark Certified. Installed to BM Trada standards and complying with all up to date regulations.

Supplied with all certification and door plugs to ensure future inspections and surveys have relevant documents.

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P&O Ferries

A beautiful before and after window film installation. Our opaque window film has been used to seperate two offices spaces and give privacy to individuals in each room.

This film can also have logos and patterns integrated within itself which can be used for promotions, images, text and general aesthetic purposes.

Did you know we provided window film?

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Manifestations on automatic door entrance glass

Woodlands Garden Centre

Designed, manufactured and installed by Next Doors Ltd. A brand new Automatic Sliding Door set up installed with additional sensors to allow foot traffic to flow seamlessly from both inside and out.

Additionally, they requested their logo and stripped decals on the glass which we also designed, manufactured and installed.

Five Guys Projected Drive Thru Window

An installation at Five Guys who required a Drive Thru Window booth for a payment station and also collection. These booths were designed, manufactured and installed by our in-house team of engineers.

Rather than a flushed finish window that is inline with the building, the site opted for a projected out booth meaning no internal space was lost to the Drive Thru area.

Projected Drive Thru Booth Window

Riverside School Bi Folding Doors

Here at Riverside School, we totally transformed the main reception area both inside and out with Automatic Bi Folding Doors. This allows for a safe automatic entry for students, staff and parents as well as a safe fire exit route.

With two sets of bi folding doors at Reception, we were able to create an airlock system for them to prevent any children from escaping out of the building.

McDonalds Flush Drive Thru Window

Manufatured and installed by our in-house team of engineers, we fitted flush Drive Thru Windows to the side of the building, creating an efficient and visually pleasing drive thru.

Raynes Park Serving Windows

Complete manufacturing and installation at Raynes Park School of two Serving Windows. These windows are long lasting, durable, pracical and can come in a variety of different use cases, low duty, medium duty and heavy duty depending on the amount of times they’re planning on being used.

Residential Crittal Doors

A beautifully finished Crittal Door installation within a residential property in Sidcup. Custom bespoke manufacturing and installation as per the customers request leaves another happy face! These unique and stylish doors can be finished in steel or aluminium.

McDonalds Internal Glass Doors

A complete refurbishment of an upstairs McDonalds building a modern stylish look and feeling for all employees with all Glass Doors. Creating a great learning space, meeting environment and segregation for lunch times.

Chipotle Bi Folding Doors

Alongside a set of Bi Folding Doors, Next Doors Ltd also installed two main entrance doors for use during the winter and colder days. This allows staff to open up the Bi Folding Doors during warmer months, which also increases floor space and allows for more seating. Being able to cater for more customers means they are able to turnover a lot more orders as well as create a welcoming spacious environment.

Bi Folding Doors

Residential Composite Front Doors

Alongside our extensive range of commercial services and products, we also cater for a lot of residential customers, one product that proves to win peoples hearts are our Composite Front Doors! They provide an aesthically pleasing visual to your home and come in a wide array of designs, colours and finishes.

Farm Pub Glass Doors

As manifestations are a legal requirement for many establishments with large glass panels, this beautiful farm pub made the most of creating an asethically pleasing feature, backing off of the main building. This created a naturally lit extension for the public to sit and enjoy a spacious environment with no visually blocking elements. During warmer months, they’re also able to open the Glass Doors and allow a natural breeze to flow through.

Louvre Door

Plant Room Louvre Door

Many rooms require ventilation and especially plant rooms, this installation at a school allows for the plant room to exhale it’s internal hot air that’s produced, allowing for a breathable and cool room temperature. This is achievable with our Louvred Doors.

Raynes Park School Porch Entrance

Built from the ground up (literally!), our engineers designed, manufactured and installed a brand new porch style entrance with an automatic Swing Door. Creating a pleasing and welcoming entrance which is now wheelchair friendly.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors installed on a retail trading shop in Orpington allowing for a professional and pratical shop front. The wide sliding doors allow for an wide enough opening for large products to fit through for both entry and exit.

Steel Fire Exit Doors

As part of regulatory requirements, we were brought in to manufacture and install a Steel Fire Exit Door with a monitoring screen above the internal door to be able to view the outside without opening the door. This is particularly helpful for properties that take deliveries and require external protection.

Five Guys Swing Doors

We were called up to Sheffield to install a pair of Swing Doors at a prime location Five Guys restaurant. With such heavy footfall, Swing Doors were the perfect solution to long lasting, durable doors that would be in constant use.

Timber Doors

Our project in Central London saw us manufacture and install this Timber Door straight from our workshop. Bringing it’s original and aesthetic look back to life!

Timber Doors

Raynes Park Timber Fire Doors

A legal requirement for all public buildings is having complying fire doors throughout the building to segregate the rooms and create paths for fire escape routes. This job completed at Raynes Park school had us manufacture and install two brand new Timber Fire Doors, marked with the correct labels and wired connected up to the sites existing access control with a push to exit button to the side.

UPVC Windows & Doors

An installation of a full UPVC Windows & Door set to the back extension of The Kings School. UPVC doors and windows are primarily seen on residential properties to segregate the space between the homes back door and the garden. It can also be used to create an additional room like a conservatory, giving you a liveable room during the winter and summer months.

UPVC Windows & Door