Composite Door Designer 

Design your own custom Composite Door here!

Please note, this is just the basic design you need to create. Don't worry about entering sizes just yet. Simply go through and select

  • Style 
  • Colour
  • Glass
  • Letterplate 
  • Knockers 
  • Handles
  • Hinge side

Then when you are finished designing your door, click the "send enquiry" button to send the design to us.

What next? 

When we get that info, we will call you to confirm what type of locking you would like and get you to confirm your sizes. 

Then we can get your own unique design costed and an official quote sent back to you for you to consider.

Supply only or installation 

We can offer you the option of supply only (good for trades people), or we can install your new door as well.