Drive Thru Windows

Drive Thru Windows are a fantastic solution for businesses who wish to offer a quicker service level for speedy on-the-go “refuelling” transactions. These can be manual or automatic and either flush with the building or in it's own booth.

Different types of Drive Thru Windows include:

New McDonalds Drive Thru windows
Standard Bi-Parting windows

Traditional centralised Bi-Parting Drive Thru windows, work just fine, but what if you have restricted distance between the windows?

McDonald's Drive Thru Windows by Next Doors
Alternative single sliding windows

Changing to single sliding Drive Thru windows, allows the opening to be situated to one end of the booth, giving the vehicles in the lane more distance between each car.

Drive Thru Windows can either be built flush into an existing wall or built into 2 types of booth as show above; projecting booth or floor to ceiling booth. 

Benefits of Drive Thru Windows include:
  • Speed up your service
    No more stiff and awkward windows to operate
  • Panoramic view
    Greater view of cars and outside activity. Frameless
    corners as an option give a lighter, brighter overall
  • Improve hygiene standards
    No more grubby hands constantly opening and
    closing drive thru windows
  • Counter space
    Inside stainless steel or aluminium counter space
  • Improve energy usage
    Windows will always be closed when not in use so
    there will be no heat loss
  • Quality construction
    Anodized or polyester powder coated aluminium
    extrusions and safety glass combine to give you an
    attractive window that will not corrode or be affected
    by weather
  • Adjustable service opening
    Completely custom made to suit your building
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Impress customers with high levels of efficiency and
  • Warranty and service support
    Your window comes with 2 years warranty

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Impress customers with high levels of efficiency and professionalism

Improve Energy Usage

Windows will always be closed when not in use so there will be no heat loss

Speed up Your Service

No more stiff and awkward windows to operate

Improve Hygiene Standards

No more grubby hands constantly opening and closing drive thru windows

Problems With Your Current Drive Thru Windows?

  • Are your current Drive Thru windows difficult to use? Are they stiff and awkward to operate?
  • Are the locks sloppy & lose? Do they secure the windows together?
  • Would they pass an inspection?
  • Can you really afford to operate with low, poor or no security on your Drive Thru windows?
  • Have you gaps in the joints? Are they wobbly and unstable?
  • Does only one window open when you push them apart?
  • Have you had to fit additional locks on the front of the windows for security?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then read on

We can Adapt Your Current Drive Thru Window Type

All Drive Thru booth types can be changed from Bi-parting aluminium windows, to single sliding windows. Handing can be from right to left or left to right, the choice is yours.

We can change a flush fitted window or a canopied window to suit.

We can remove the aluminium setup that you have and we will manufacture a complete new insert to go back in its place to suit your requirements.

Watch our Demonstration on how Drive Thru Windows Operate

  • Two different restaurants using automatic Drive Thru windows
  • How they operate
  • How staff use them
  • How they look from the outside from a customers perspective

sliding door gear

By using our new running track and carriage bracket system for your Drive Thru window, you will be able to automate the windows.

This is the same equipment that is used on full sized entrance doors, so it is specifically designed to last as well as being highly efficient and very durable. Combine this with the fact that the system the windows are operating are much smaller and lighter and you’ve got yourself long lasting windows.

Sliding Door Running track for Drive Thru Windows
The New (top)

The new, purpose made sliding door gear, specially designed and manufactured to suit sliding door systems.

The Old (bottom)

The existing sliding door gear is cobbled together from low cost ferrous metals with high friction connection points. These Drive Thru window systems were never designed to last for long, but did anyone actually consider how much inconvenience would be caused by poor performing & faulty window systems?

The problem with old Drive Thru Windows 

The existing Drive Thru window running gear and carriage system was not purpose made. Mostly made from ferrous metals with steel wheels running on a steel track eventually was going to end with the running gear system coming to a grinding halt.

As soon as the track wears itself away, the windows drop, they rub on the window sill and before you know it staff are having to push and pull harder and then the real damage occurs!

The old-style running has very little, if any adjustments and is hardly serviceable.

A new running track system is required to solve most of your problems and is able to be serviced in the long term to ensure your windows run in a smooth manor and stay secure.

When Drive Thru Windows go bad

  • Details on why the existing carriage and track system has failed
  • What improvements can be made

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we swap our existing Drive Thru windows with your new ones?

Will My Drive Thru Windows Come With Warranty?

Can you service/repair our existing Drive Thru windows?

Which type of Drive Thru windows should I pick?

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