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The urgent need for a replacement rear goods entrance at a high-turnover commercial fast-food restaurant brought our proposed comprehensive solution to address both security and functionality concerns.

Recognising the critical role of a secure entrance in the restaurant’s operations, we recommended the installation of a commercial-grade steel door and frame. This robust system not only provided enhanced security but also ensured ease of use for restaurant staff, crucial for maintaining smooth workflow amid the bustling environment. Anticipating the challenges posed by the high usage typical in such establishments, we tailored the solution to withstand heavy use and abuse, including the impact of large food delivery cages. To bolster the door’s durability, we integrated a custom heavy duty pyramid bumper bar system, extending its lifespan and longevity against daily wear and tear.

Moreover, to enhance security measures and streamline access control, we incorporated a digital keypad externally. This feature allowed the door to be kept closed and locked securely while granting staff convenient access from outside. Not only did this improve security protocols, but it also contributed to rodent control efforts by minimising entry points. Additionally, to impress trade visitors and further elevate the entrance experience, we introduced a modern digital video door entry system. This innovative technology provided a seamless connection between the entrance and kitchen staff, enabling real-time visual identification of visitors and ensuring efficient management of incoming deliveries and guests. By seamlessly integrating security, functionality, and modern technology, we successfully revitalised the rear goods entrance, ensuring it could meet the demands of the fast-paced restaurant environment while enhancing overall operational efficiency and security measures.

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