Prestige Listed Building Legal Chambers

Timber Oak Entrance Door

Faced with the challenge of restoring very old and decayed doors afflicated by neglect, rot, and accumulated damage, we encountered a unique predicament exacerbated by the listed status of the building. Depsite their condition, the doors had to be replaced with rpecise replicas to comply with preservation requirements.

To address this intricate task, we embarked on the fabrication of custom-made replicas meticulously crafted to mirror the original doors in every aspect. Using American Oak, the same material as the originals, we ensured that the replacement doors seamlessly blended with the existing shape and design, meeting the stringent standards mandated for listed buildings. By meticulously preserving the architectural heritage and historical integrity of the structure, we not only restored its aesthetic charm but also ensured its continued protection and relevance for generations to come.

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