Serving Windows

Serving Windows are a fantastic solution for businesses who wish to offer a quicker service level and reduce the amount of customers inside your premises. These can be manual or automatic and either flush with the building or in it's own booth. In fact they are very similar to Drive Thru windows and are completely custom built

Serving Windows are traditionally single sliding however as these are always custom built, we are able to manufacture to your exact requirements.  They can be made for very heavy use or what we call a Medium Duty Serving Window for lower traffic environments. 

Our serving windows are manufactured with aluminium and prices start from £1,200. Get in touch today for a quote. 

medium duty serving window
Serving window

Benefits of Serving Windows include:
  • Speed up your service
    No more stiff and awkward windows to operate
  • Panoramic view
    Greater view of outside activity. Frameless
    corners as an option give a lighter, brighter overall
  • Improve hygiene standards
    Cut down on hands touching entrance doors
  • Counter space
    Inside stainless steel or aluminium counter space if required
  • Improve energy usage
    Windows will always be closed when not in use so
    there will be no heat loss
  • Quality construction
    Anodized or polyester powder coated aluminium
    extrusions and safety glass combine to give you an
    attractive window that will not corrode or be affected
    by weather
  • Adjustable service opening
    Completely custom made to suit your building
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Impress customers with high levels of efficiency and
  • Warranty and service support
    Your window comes with 2 years warranty

Serving Windows For Low To Medium Traffic Environments

There are a range of serving windows available and we will always recommend the one that is best suited to your usage requirements. You may not need a heavy duty window and you don't need to pay for a heavy duty window if you have a lower traffic environment. The videos below show some of our serving windows that are better suited to a lower traffic environment and have a price tag to match. 

Low Duty Serving Window For Low Traffic Environment 

  • Very low duty 
  • 2 panes of sliding glass
  • Single glazed with polished edges
  • No handle or locking
  • No draught sealing 

Medium Duty Serving Window For Medium Traffic Environment

  • Good draught sealing
  • Comes with a handle with built in lock
  • Double glazed 
  • 2 sliding panels 
  • Great for schools, offices, food takeaway, click and collect windows 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Impress customers with high levels of efficiency and professionalism

Improve Energy Usage

Windows will always be closed when not in use so there will be no heat loss

Speed up Your Service

No more stiff and awkward windows to operate

Improve Hygiene Standards

No more grubby hands constantly opening and closing drive thru windows

Frequently Asked Questions:

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