Automatic Sliding Doors

We offer a wide range of Sliding Door options for all kinds of office and commercial situations.


Aluminium Sliding Doors are hard wearing, durable, low maintenance and available in a wide range of colours. They are perfect for high traffic environments where more security is required.

all-glass sliding door


All-Glass Sliding Doors provide a sleek, lighter and brighter look to any entrance door. With very little or no framework, they allow for the use of architecturally specified hardware such as specific door handles.

telescopic sliding door


Telescopic Sliding Doors provide an extra 15% walk-

through space compared to other door types. They are ideal for high volume entrances such as supermarkets and airports. 

money back guarantee

We offer a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied with your doors

2 year warranty

All doors and entrance systems manufactured by us come with a 2 year warranty as standard

Part Exchange

We offer part exchange on your old doors for our new doors

Door fitting

We can fit your doors for you, or you can install them yourself (ideal for trade partners and installers)

Automatic Aluminium Sliding Doors

All our aluminium door systems are of tie rod construction and not welded, this means that adjustments and repairs are more readily executed in the event of vandalism or damage.

automatic sliding doors
aluminium single sliding automatic door
automatic sliding doors

electromechanical, not hydraulic

Our sliding door systems are all electromechanical and not hydraulic, consequently we are proud to be able to say that they are amongst the quietest and smoothest operators currently available.

tie rod construction, not welded

All our aluminium door systems are of tie rod construction and not welded, this means that adjustments and repairs are more readily executed in the event of vandalism or damage.

All-Glass Automatic Sliding doors

All-glass automatic sliding doors are perfect for office and commercial situations, they will make your environment:



Automatic Telescopic Sliding Doors

Short on Space?

All Glass Sliding Doors

A single telescopic pocket door system that allows two doors to disappear into the same pocket providing a wider passage width, an ideal alternative to standard Bi-parting doors.

A telescopic door gives nearly 60% of the total structural opening width as a clear walk through space compared to about 45% for a standard Bi-Parting door.

When used in conjunction with the new Ultra slim profile the overall effect is stunning and yet still retains an excellent weather seal and security is not compromised. Logos can all be included.

Safety first

telescopic doors

These automatic telescopic door systems fully comply to building & fire regulations, interface with Fire Alarms and do not require a threshold track.

Safety is always a concern with any type of door system and the use of intelligent safety sensors takes away the worry of unwanted collisions.

Side screen safety sensors detect the presence of obstructions and slow the opening speed down to a creep, avoiding collisions with pedestrians to the side of the moving door panels.

Infrared beam projects across the opening and holds  the door open until the obstruction disappears. User operation is simple and this system provides a great range of options in terms of day to day settings. The standard profile is as seen here, used at a garden centre.

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