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Telescopic Sliding Door


One of the main advantages of telescopic sliding doors is their ability to maximise space. These doors consist of multiple panels that slide along tracks, allowing them to open and close in a compact and efficient manner. This makes them a great option for buildings where space is limited and access is needed to a large opening.


Another advantage of telescopic automatic sliding doors is their ability to provide an unobstructed view. These doors can be designed with minimal or no frames, which allows for an unobstructed view and allows natural light to flow into the building, creating a bright and open atmosphere. Additionally, telescopic automatic sliding doors can be designed in a variety of styles, which can add a modern and sleek look to any building.


Aluminium Sliding Doors


Aluminium Sliding Doors are hard wearing, durable, low maintenance and available in a wide range of colours. They are perfect for high traffic environments where more security is required.

All Glass Sliding Door


All-Glass Sliding Doors provide a sleek, lighter and brighter look to any entrance door. With very little or no framework, they allow for the use of architecturally specified hardware.

Telescopic Sliding Door


Telescopic Sliding Doors provide an extra 15% walk-through space compared to other door types. They are ideal for high volume entrances such as supermarkets and airports.


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Next Doors Ltd’s automatic sliding doors are known for their exceptional quietness during operation. This is due to a combination of factors. First, the opener mechanism uses a DC motor that operates at a lower decibel level compared to traditional AC motors, reducing the noise generated during operation. Second, the door’s tracks and rollers are typically made of high-quality materials that have been engineered to reduce friction, which also helps to minimize noise. Additionally, the door’s sensor system is designed to detect the presence of an individual and open the door in a smooth and controlled manner, which reduces the chances of the door slamming shut or making sudden movements that could cause noise. Lastly, the door’s closer mechanism is also specifically designed to control the speed of the door’s closing, which helps to prevent slamming and excessive noise. All these factors combined contribute to the exceptional quietness of automatic sliding doors.

Automatic sliding doors are known for their high-quality performance and durability. Our doors are typically constructed with high-grade materials that are engineered to withstand heavy usage and the elements. The opener mechanism, sensor system, and closer mechanism are all designed to operate smoothly and efficiently, which ensures that the door opens and closes properly, every time. The doors also have low maintenance requirements, and the moving parts are easy to replace or repair if needed. Additionally, many automatic sliding doors are equipped with safety features such as sensors and emergency stop buttons, which ensure that the door operates safely and prevents accidents. The doors also come with a variety of options and features such as access control, programmable settings and integration with other systems, which allows for a customizable and personalized user experience. All these factors combined contribute to the high-quality performance of automatic sliding doors.

Installing the drive unit for an automatic sliding door can be done in multiple ways, depending on the specific needs of the building and the door system. One popular method is to fit the drive unit to the lintel, which is the horizontal beam above the door opening. This allows the drive unit to be securely attached to the building’s structure, while keeping it out of the way of the door’s movement. When choosing how to install the drive unit, it’s important to consider the specific needs of the building, the door’s traffic flow patterns, and the available space. Our professional installers can help you to determine the best option for your building, and ensure that the drive unit is properly and safely installed.

When manufacturing our components, we ensure that advanced technology and equipment are used to create precise and consistency in both size and shape. This makes sure that door will operate smoothly and efficiently, with minimal wear and tear. Additionally, we also carefully select materials that are durable, weather-resistant, and able to withstand heavy usage. This helps to ensure that the door will be long-lasting and require minimal maintenance.

Furthermore, we also take into account the specific requirements of the customer, such as the door’s energy efficiency, safety features, and access control options. Customisation options are also available to cater to the unique needs of our customers. All these factors combined contribute to the perfect matching of materials and precision-made components for customers’ automatic sliding doors.

We install our automatic sliding doors with a variety of components that work together to ensure smooth and efficient operation. When one component is broken, it can impact the overall performance of the door. However, our automatic sliding doors are equipped with a communication system that allows the various components to communicate with each other. This allows the door to detect and diagnose issues, and alert the user or maintenance personnel of any problems.

For example, if a sensor is broken, the door’s opener mechanism will not receive the signal to open, and the door will remain closed. The communication system will detect this issue and send an alert to the user or maintenance personnel, indicating that there is a problem with the sensor. This allows for quick and easy troubleshooting, reducing downtime and ensuring that the door is back in working order as soon as possible.


Our automatic doors are installed with a self-learning processor with an active automatic adjustment feature. This technology allows the door to continuously monitor and adjust its own performance, based on usage patterns and environmental conditions. This ensures that the door is always operating at peak efficiency and provides the best possible user experience.

Based on this data, the processor can automatically adjust the door’s settings to optimize its performance. For example, if the door is frequently used in a high-traffic area, the processor can automatically increase the door’s opening and closing speed to accommodate the increased demand. Similarly, if the door is frequently used in a cold or windy environment, the processor can automatically adjust the door’s settings to reduce the amount of heat or air conditioning loss.

Menu-led navigation are a modern and advanced feature that allows for easy and intuitive operation of the door. This type of door is equipped with a user-friendly interface that utilises a menu-led navigation system, similar to what you would find on a smartphone or computer. This allows users to easily access and adjust the door’s settings and features, such as the speed of the door, the force required to open and close the door, and the door’s safety features.

The menu-led navigation system is typically accessed through a touch screen display or a button panel located near the door. Users can navigate through the menu using simple and intuitive icons or buttons, making it easy for anyone to operate the door, regardless of their technical skills.


Full diagnostics capability allows the door to detect and diagnose issues, and provide detailed error codes or messages in words that are easy to understand that indicate the specific problem. This allows for quick and easy troubleshooting, reducing downtime and ensuring that the door is back in working order as soon as possible.

Programming capability allows users and maintenance personnel to customize and program the door’s settings and features. This can include adjusting the door’s opening and closing speed, force required to open and close the door, and safety features. Additionally, this capability also allows users to program the door to operate in different modes, such as a standard mode, a high-traffic mode, or an energy-saving mode.


Our automatic sliding doors are designed to meet and exceed industry standards for safety and performance. These doors are manufactured to comply with the guidelines set forth by the 2006/42/EG Industrial Guidelines for Machines, as well as the DIN 18650 standard for automatic sliding doors. These guidelines and standards set strict requirements for the design, construction, and testing of automatic sliding doors to ensure that they are safe and reliable for use in industrial and commercial settings.

Our doors are also equipped with safety features such as sensors, emergency stop buttons, and anti-crushing devices. In addition, our doors are designed to open and close smoothly, reducing the risk of injury or damage.


Our sliding door systems are all electromechanical and not hydraulic, consequently we are proud to be able to say that they are amogst the quietest and smoothest operators currently available.


All our aluminium door systems are of tie rod construction and not welded, this means that adjustments and repairs are more readily executed in the event of vandalism or damage.


Aluminium is one of the most recycled materials used in the manufacturing sector. The aliminium that we use for any doors we manufacture is 100% recycled.

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