All Glass Door Shutting

Do your entrance doors shut properly? Have you already had someone out to fix the problem only for it to return?

A common issue with entrance doors is that they do not shut properly with one door staying open or they can be very heavy to push or pull open followed by the door slamming shut behind you. Have you had door engineers out to fix the problem only to find the problems persist? Did they consider the problem could be due to stack pressure?

Stack pressure is a differing in pressure between the inside and outside of a building and can be used to naturally ventilate buildings. Cooler air from outside is drawn into the building at a low level, it is then naturally warmed up by sources of heat such as people, machinery and heating, then rises to the top of the building where it is vented out. This can also be reversed in the cooler months.

This is a regular issue during summer seasons where air con use is high and also during stormy weather conditions where the air pressure is affected.


Although stack pressure is a good way to naturally add more heat to a building, it can also cause some issues. Stack pressure can create the following issues:

– Increases the buildings heating and cooling energy consumptions

– Creates noises and drafts through gaps in the doors and windows

– Can make manual doors very heavy to operate

– Air pressure will prevent the doors from shutting properly creating a security issue

If you have a manual swing door, the door will feel very heavy and may be shutting too fast which causes a safety issue with people getting caught in the opening. If you have an automatic swing door, you may find that one door will not close properly which causes problems in its own right.

Most automatic door companies will not be able to fix these issues. Most door technicians will simply look at the door equipment as being the issue. They will simply upgrade the equipment to a heavier duty, more expensive operator which will temporarily solve the problem however it will create new issues.

To solve these problems, the door technician will recommend a more powerful, heavy duty operator. Whilst this operator works perfectly well in periods of high air con use, during the periods where the air con is not as intense the door will become unsafe as it will have a high force behind it. Without the increased air pressure force it would usually experience, it can mean people get caught or trapped in the opening. Once the operator has started to wear it will lose power and the therefore the ability to shut the door and the same problem will occur.


We are different in that we are a complete solution provider, if during the site survey we can see you have a high stack pressure issue we will use our experience to provide a complete solution to the issue rather than simply patching it up. This can be done in a manner of ways such as reducing air con temperature, adding vents to doors and throughout the building. Depending on the situation a new operator may be required although it’s not always the solution to the problem. If a new operator is required, we would install a low energy operator ensuring you have no future issues with safety.