Fire door testing plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and protection of buildings and occupants in the event of a fire. They’re designed to prevent the spread of fire and provide valuable time for evacuation or rescue, they do this by compartmentalising fires. Without regular testing, fire doors may fail to perform as expected and intended, therefore jeopardising the safety of individuals and the integrity of the building.

Through fire door testing, the functionality and effectiveness of all of the critical safety components are assessed, allowing for early detection of any deficiencies or faults. By identifying and rectifying issues promptly, fire door testing helps minimise fire damage, and enhance the chances of successful evacuation.

Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations is imperative, and with fire door testing, it provides peace of mind to building owners, occupants, and authorities, knowing that proper measures are in place to safeguard lives and property in the event of a fire emergency.

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During a proper fire door survey conducted by an authorised and accredited company, a comprehensive assessment should be conducted to evaluate the condition, functionality, and compliance of fire doors. This involves examining a wide variety of various components and their surroundings. Here at Next Doors Ltd, we conduct surveys using a set BM Trada list of items to survey; this list contains aspects of the door that are to be examined.

We will complete a thorough inspection of the door leaf to check for any damage or signs of wear. The door frame itself is also assessed for structural integrity and proper installation. This is an extremely important aspect because, even if the door and components themselves are perfect, the installation can void everything altogether and make the door less effective. Door closers (self-closing devices) are examined to ensure they function correctly, while hold open devices are assessed for their compliance with regulations. Hinges are also inspected to verify their connection and proper attachment. Locks, levels/handles, and fire safety signage are checked for their effectiveness and adherence to required standards.

The survey also encompasses evaluating intumescent door strips and smoke strips to ensure that they are intact and capable of expanding during a fire. Glazing on fire doors is also examined to verify its compliance along with the assessment of the gaps around the actual doors and the threshold and panic hardware devices on external fire doors.

In addition to that, architraves will be removed to check for gaps behind the frames making sure that appropriate fire stopping measures are in place. Thorough documentation and reporting of findings help prioritise necessary repairs and maintenance, ensuring fire door compliance and enhancing overall fire safety in the building.



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As fire doors are essential in preventing the spread of fire and smoke, it is a paramount concern for building owners and facility managers to ensure the safety of occupants and maintain the buildings integrity. This comprehensive assessment not only helps achieve compliance with fire safety regulations, but also offers a range of benefits. From enhancing overall fire safety to extending the lifespan of fire doors, this section of our blog will explore the key benefits and emphasise the importance of regular inspections.

Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations

After the tragic events that took place at Grenfell, undivided attention has been made to the fire safety and building regulations to ensure that the safety of occupants and the buildings integrity is at the front of every construction. Therefore, having regular fire door surveys will enable building owners to meet legal requirements and avoid potential penalties or liabilities associated with non-compliance.

Enhanced Fire Safety

Contributing to the overall fire safety of a building, fire door surveys identify potential deficiencies or issues that may compromise the effectiveness of fire doors. This gives buildings owners or the responsible person(s) the chance to address these concerns promptly, reducing the risk of fire spread and smoke inhalation. By identifying issues such as damaged components, faulty hardware or gaps in door assemblies, necessary repairs or replacements can be scheduled in a timely manner. This approach helps prevent further deterioration and ensures the continuous functionality of your fire doors.

Extended Lifespan

Conducting regular fire door surveys and implementing recommended maintenance measures can extend the lifespan of fire doors. Relating back to addressing minor issues promptly, this allows the durability and performance of the fire doors to be preserved, reducing the need for premature replacements and savings costs in the long run.

Optimal Performance

To put it simply, fire doors are a life saving device, and with that being said, it’s vital that they’re in proper working condition and can perform their intended function during an emergency. Therefore, ensuring that the doors close and latch correctly, smoke seals are intact and intumescent strips are functional, enhances the ability of fire doors to contain fire and smoke, providing crucial protection for occupants and facilitating safe evacuation.

Documentation and Compliance Records

Fully certified companies that carry out fire door surveys will usually provide detailed documentation of inspections, findings and recommended actions. These records serve as valuable compliance documentation and can be shared with relevant authorities, insurance providers or stakeholders as proof of adherence to fire safety standards and due diligence in maintaining fire doors. It’s also important to remember that any changes, maintenance, repairs or works completed to a fire door must be noted and kept a record of.

Peace of Mind

Building owners, facility managers and any responsible person(s) gain peace of mind with fire door surveys. Knowing that your fire doors are properly maintained and functioning as intended, it extends the reassurance to occupants who can trust that their safety is a priority and that the building is equipped with effective fire protection measures.



With fire doors and fire safety regulations being the hot topic right now, it’s important that you understand your role and what it is legally required in-order to stay compliant and mitigate any risk of legal implications.


In the UK, fire doors are subject to stringent regulations and standards, including:

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005: This legislation places the responsibility for fire safety on the “responsible person” in a building who must ensure that fire safety measures, including fire doors, are properly maintained.

British Standards: Fire doors must adhere to British Standards, such as BS 8214:2016 for timber-based fire doors and BS EN 1634 for fire resistance testing.

Certifications and Testing: Fire doors must undergo rigorous testing and carry the appropriate certification, such as the BM Trada Q Mark, to demonstrate their compliance with safety standards.

Regular Inspections: Building owners and facility managers are required to arrange regular inspections of fire doors by competent professionals to assess their condition, functionality and compliance with regulations.


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We hope you’ve learnt the importance of fire door surveys! Fire doors are a life saving device, and with that comes responsibility for those in control to ensure they’re maintained, serviced, repaired and replaced if needed.

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